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Our volunteer tutors and course leaders are the backbone of the organization.   Without them, there would be no U3A.

Whilst many of our tutors are retired lecturers or teachers, anyone who is interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise with other members and contributing to a vibrant, diverse and interesting course program, is encouraged to contact one of our Course Coordinators to discuss their ideas or proposals.

Convening a Special Interest Group

You don’t have to be a tutor and do all the teaching yourself in order to run a group.   And you don’t necessarily have to have a background in teaching or lecturing, or be an expert in the field!

If you are passionate about or have a strong interest in a particular subject – an interest that you think others might share -  then perhaps you might consider convening your own special interest group.

One way in which we can help get a special interest group up and running is by using course materials from U3A Online.   U3A Melbourne City has recently become a member. This means that, for a small cost, we can download course materials that a group can work through together, face-to-face, at their own pace.   There are about 55 independent study courses (and course materials) to choose from.

We can also help with the practicalities of getting your group established, and provide a comprehensive handbook to guide you through the process of group facilitation.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor or course leader, complete a Course Planning Form and send it to the Course Coordinator, coursecoord@u3amelbcity.org.au


Course Resources

U3A Online - a wealth of resources for U3A tutors and group leaders, including course materials, ideas for courses, email discussion group, email newsletter.

U3A Network NSW - Resource Library:  a repository of course materials for U3As.

Learning Works Radio - a lifelong learning radio initiative, based in South Australia, with online audio resources which can be downloaded.

YouTube Edu - videos and channels from college and university partners.

Academic Earth - free video lectures from the world’s top scholars

MIT - MIT open courseware

TED Talks - Technology, Entertainment, Design - short talks on a broad  range of topics given often by notable scholars and famous people, and the not-so-famous.  

UCLA Lunch Hour Lectures -  are an opportunity for anyone to sample the exceptional research work taking place at UCL, in bite sized chunks. Speakers are drawn from across the university, and lectures frequently showcase new research and recent academic publications. They take place 1.15 - 1:55, are free, require no pre-booking, and are open to anyone on a first-come, first-served basis. All lectures are streamed live online and can be watched by clicking on a link. Lectures can also be watched from 2 weeks after the event either on the website or via their YouTube channel where all lectures will be subtitled. Alternatively, lectures can also be downloaded from iTunes U.

Course Coordinators

Course Coordinators are available to discuss course proposals with prospective tutors and course leaders, and provide information about all aspects of running a course with U3A.  They also organize course promotion in the newsletter, schedule classes and book rooms and organize tutors’ meetings.

Teaching equipment available

A variety of teaching equipment is available for loan through the office including CD and DVD players, data projectors, laptops, speakers, slide projectors, etc.

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