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City News, the newsletter of U3A Melbourne City, is emailed or posted to members in  January, March, June, September and November.  Each issue contains announcements about courses, social events and forums taking place in the next term, as well as other news, photos and features.
In 2018 the newsletter will be posted/emailed to members on  17/19 January, 21/22 March, 13/14 June, 12/13 September and 7/8 November.  It will also be posted on the website at the same time.
Send contributions and suggestions regarding content to editor@u3amelbcity.org.au  The copy deadline is the beginning of the month of publication.
Current and Past Editors
Graham Oliver and Ian Mackay November 2015 to present
Graham and Ruth Hawley Jan 2014 to 2015
Anne Riddell May 2011 to Nov 2013.
Jocelyn Preece Sep 2010 to Mar 2011
Merilyn Burt Jan 2010 to Jul 2010
Anne Riddell Jan 2007 to Nov 2009
Current and Past Newsletters
To view the current and recent newsletters, click below.
City News No 270 Nov17.pdf434.06 KB
City News No 269 Sep17.pdf706.56 KB
City News No 268 June17.pdf1.81 MB
City News No 267 Mar17.pdf1.79 MB
City News No 266 Jan17c.pdf783.87 KB
City News No 265 Nov2016.pdf1.37 MB
City News No 264 Sep2016.pdf1.8 MB
City News No 263 Jun2016.pdf1.93 MB
City News No 262 Mar2016.pdf1.64 MB
City News No 261 Jan2016.pdf1.05 MB
City News No 260 Nov2015.pdf1.56 MB
Newsletter 259-Sep15.pdf1.55 MB
Newsletter 258-June15.pdf1.54 MB
Newsletter 257-Mar15.pdf1.51 MB
Newsletter 256-Jan15.pdf1.53 MB
Newsletter 255-Nov14.pdf1.8 MB
Newsletter 254-Sep14.pdf1.66 MB
Newsletter 253-Jul14.pdf1.52 MB
City News May14.pdf1.63 MB
City News March14.pdf1.47 MB
City News Jan14.pdf1.64 MB
City News Nov13.pdf1.53 MB
City News Sep13.pdf1.91 MB
City News July13.pdf1.78 MB
City News May 2013.pdf1.53 MB
City News March 2013.pdf1.51 MB
City News January 2013.pdf1.2 MB
City News November_2012.pdf1.24 MB
City News Oct-Nov 2012 & AGM.pdf1.64 MB
City News Aug-Sep 2012.pdf1.46 MB
City News Jun-Jul 2012.pdf1.8 MB
City News Apr-May 2012.pdf1.64 MB
City News Feb-Mar 2012.pdf867.65 KB
City News Dec11.pdf993.93 KB
City News Oct-Nov11.pdf995.95 KB
City News Aug-Sep11.pdf971.49 KB
City News Jun-Jul 2011.pdf960.49 KB
City News April-May 2011.pdf426.26 KB
City News Feb-Mar 2011.pdf708.11 KB
City News Dec 2010.pdf415.81 KB
City News Oct-Nov 2010 485.5 KB
Aug Sep Newsletter.pdf1.32 MB
City News June-July 2010.pdf1.31 MB
City News April May 2010.pdf1.66 MB
City News Feb-Mar 2010.pdf480.3 KB