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Volunteering Voices

This is a growing collection of personal stories from members who volunteer with U3A Melbourne City. It showcases just some of the many people who lend their talents to our organisation, with their huge variety of interesting backgrounds, abilities and interests.
If you are one of our volunteers and would like to add your story to the collection, write it in your own informal voice in about 500 to 700 words. We’d like to hear briefly about:
  • your background – places you’ve lived, work, family, interests
  • when and why you joined U3A and if it has made a difference to you
  • your U3A volunteering and why that is important to you
. . . and include a photo (jpg or JPEG), preferably illustrating an aspect of your story (no ‘mugshots’, please!)
Email it to editor@u3amelbcity.org.au (Graeme Oliver) with ‘Volunteering Voices’ in the subject line, and you will be contacted.
Maureen Inkster Office Staffer Joined 2013
Marcus Wearne Committee  Joined 2012
Mike Shackleton Office Staffer, Newsletter Team Joined 2010
Tony Miles Committee, Events and Promotion  Joined 2010
Jack Foks Tutor (Politics) & Committee Joined 2010
Betty Caldwell Tutor (Wednesday Writers) Joined 2002
Carolyne Cohn Committee Secretary Joined 2006
Nancy Hanson Office staffer Joined 2009
Peter Hannaford Tutor (Art Skills) Joined 2009
David Watson Committee Treasurer, Newsletter Team Joined 2009
Margaret Ledley Group Leader (Philosophical Issues) Joined 1980s
Fran Sciarretta Committee & Office Administration   Joined 2008
Shirley Mason Committee, Social Events Coordinator & Office Staffer,   Joined 2009
Joan Gravina Tutor (Post-Beginners Italian) Joined 2010
Rhonda Favaloro Tutor (Botanical Art) Joined 2004
Bill Claiborne Tutor (Political Journalism) Joined 2005
Eleanor Blyth Office Staffer Joined 2010