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Rom Jagielski

Rom Jagielski

Dr Rom Jagielski

Currently tutoring in:Great Philosophers Western, Intellectual Tradition (2010)

Rom has enjoyed an academic life working in a number of universities. After obtaining his Master degree in Information Technology and PhD in science in 1976, Rom was teaching and researching in Poland at the Institute of Informatics and at Gdansk University. After his arrival in Australia in 1980 he continued his academic career at La Trobe and Melbourne Universities (Research Fellow), at Swinburne University of Technology (Senior Lecturer) and recently as honorary researcher at Monash University.

His academic interest is in artificial intelligence and in particular complex adaptive systems and philosophy of artificial intelligence. Rom has published two books and many conference and journal papers.

Currently retired, Rom continues his interest in science and philosophy, especially philosophy of mind and cosmology. Rom has also studied fine art at Philip Institute, still maintains his interest in art, and is an enthusiastic photographer. More: http://sites.google.com/site/romu3a