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Peter Crabb

Tutoring in:  Science
Peter was educated in NSW and New Zealand. Peter attended Auckland University and Monash University.   He worked at La Trobe University as a palaeontologist. However he has spent most of his teaching career time as a science/maths teacher in the Catholic Secondary system in Victoria.
Peter is interested in the History and Philosophy of Science, palaeontology and reading. He and his partner, Maggie, have two adult children and a cat. The chook died!
Extra Information - Senior Science 2017
Lesson 1     Physics – Light                                                                                      
Lesson 2     Biology – Cells- animals and plants
Lesson 3     Chemistry – Atomic Structure, Periodic Table,
Lesson 4     Geology – Rocks – geology of Melbourne                                                                                
Lesson5       Biology - Structure and function of Plants and animals
Lesson 6     Geology- Plate Tectonics
Lesson 7     Science - What is science and scientific theory and history