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Pam Marriott

Tutoring In:  Family History
Pam has tried a number of occupations during her lifetime; most recently carer, journalist, counsellor and occupational health and safety rep. However, library officer, secretary, wife, mother, grandmother, gardener, kindergarten teacher/organiser, newspaper publisher, moving house and 30 years of being a restorer of buildings have been added to the mix and challenges in her life. One of the most satisfying occupations has been that of researcher. In this capacity Pam was able to write and publish two history books. A third is in the pipeline. During the past two years or so she has been preparing her family history on Ancestry and Familysearch and this consumes a lot of time and energy.
“In some parts of the family history it has been possible to trace back to the 1500s, with good documentation, but in other areas you are lucky to get back to the 1700s,” said Pam. “It’s a work in progress,” she added. “For this activity, like so many, you need dedication, perseverance and passion, plus a bull-dog mentality that you’re going to get it all, or at least as much as you can! Thinking laterally also helps.”
With a grandmother who said “Whsst, we don’t talk about that!” – a poor start on the maternal side;  an interested relation, who had a little knowledge on the paternal angle, back in England, and a brother-in-law who had started a passion for the marital family research in his retirement, Pam had been storing up paperwork for quite some time, and for what purpose?
“Ancestry and Familysearch provided ways to document my family history without recourse to paperwork,” she said. “My interest was piqued long ago. Curve balls are always issues in life. These unexpected events add to life’s challenges, but deter you from thinking along the wishful path. From about 400 known relatives, the end result is about 5000 or so subjects, all of whom have their own story to tell. Doing this research has given me a greater understanding of my background and where I come from and yes, I discovered Nan’s secrets, not that she’ll be very happy about that! Hopefully she’ll have forgiven me by the time I move upstairs.”
Born and raised in England, Pam migrated to Australia as a £10 immo at the age of 21. She has also lived in America, Japan and Tonga. One of her daughters lives in Los Angeles along with the cutest poppet of a granddaughter. She has three other children and two grandchildren, who live in Australia.
Pam conducted a short introductory course on Ancestry and Familysearch in  April 2015 and a series of three x two week courses on documenting Life Reflections in October 2015.   She invites your interest and registration to help you discover your own ancestral journey and to reflect on and document some aspects of your life.