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Norman Morris

Tutoring in: History
Norman Morris is a retired medical specialist, who worked in Australia, Nepal and the UK.  He has had both clinical and teaching roles throughout his career as an obstetrician and gynaecologist. 
As well as graduate and postgraduate medical qualifications, he also has obtained a Graduate Diploma in Adult Education and Training from the University of Melbourne.
He is convinced that small group tutorials/discussions provide far more effective and enjoyable ways to learn than do lectures – especially for adult learners.  
He has always been interested in a variety of subjects outside of medicine and  retirement provides an opportunity to pursue some of these.   Having attended U3A classes in 2014, he is now offering a short course in history.
Although not claiming to be an expert, he hopes that, by sharing different perspectives on both history and pre-history with a group of other learners, he will learn much about many topics - as well as provoking the interest of others in these.