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Membership is open to people who are retired or semi-retired from the workforce. The period of your membership runs from 1st October to 30th September of the following year, but you can still attend courses and events until the end of the calendar year.  In effect, this gives you 15 months of membership.  You must renew your membership each year between October and December.
Membership Categories and Fees (October 2017-September 2018)
The joining fee and annual membership fee is a non-refundable fee for membership of U3A Melbourne City Inc.   It is set at each Annual General Meeting in November.  Membership fees for 2017-18 are
  • Joining Fee - $20.00 for new full Members (introduced 16th November, 2017 following AGM)
  • Full Member - $70.00 p.a.  U3A Melbourne City is your primary U3A; voting rights at AGM; no restrictions on enrolments. 
  • Associate Member - $60.00 p.a.  Your primary U3A, where you are a current, full member,  is elsewhere; no voting rights at AGM; lowest priority after volunteers and full members for enrolments in yearlong/semester courses.
  • Non-fee paying member - $0  At discretion of Course Coordinator/Committee; no voting rights at AGM; no access to courses and events.
There are no course fees although computer courses may charge a small fee in order to cover the higher cost of renting IT training rooms.   Some tutors may seek reimbursement of small expenditures on class materials such as photocopying. The only extra costs are for optional activities such as our monthly forums and social activities.
Membership ID
When you become a member you are given a membership card with your unique ID number.  You will retain this number for the duration of your membership with U3A Melbourne City.
Membership Cards
If you join online, the system will generate an ID number for you and you will be emailed a welcome pack.  You will have to collect your Member ID card, plastic pocket and lanyard from the office and are required to wear these whilst attending classes and other U3A events.  Apart from making it easier for us all to get to know each other, the name tag should be backed up with vital personal information that would be needed if you needed help in an emergency, including who to contact. MAKE SURE YOU FILL IT IN, and wear the ID card whenever you’re attending a U3A activity. If you lose your card etc. you can purchase a replacement from the office for $5.00.
Membership Register and Your Privacy
The register of members is kept by the Secretary. Privacy legislation ensures that members’ personal details are not give to any outside bodies or any other person, including other members without your consent.


Current members with email addresses can renew their membership online through MyU3A  using their log-on and password details, and new members are able to join up online through MyU3A, and pay their membership subscription.
On MyU3A you can
  • Renew your membership or join up using your PayPal account or a credit card via the Paypal site
  • Change your personal details (address, email, phone numbers, emergency contact, etc.)
  • Change your password.
  • Enrol in a class (up to 2 yearlong/semester classes only until January)(see also Foreign Language Enrolment Rules)
  • Withdraw from a class.
  • Enter apologies for existing classes.
Click on the button below to access MyU3A.

If you don't have an email address, or access to a computer, you can visit the office on the fifth floor, 168 Lonsdale Street between 10.00am and 3.00pm, and join up in the office. Once your membership has been processed, you'll be put on the mailing list for the bimonthly City News newsletter, and our e-bulletins.


Honorary Life membership is the highest honour which U3A Melbourne City bestows upon a member for service to the organisation.   To be eligible, members must have rendered sustained and conspicuous distinguished voluntary service over a period of at least ten years.  A nomination form for life membership can be downloaded below.

Name   Awarded
Nan Wingfield President, Committee, Office Manager 2006
John Cramp Tutor 2008
Marie Einoder Tutor 2008
Lillian Emmanuel Tutor 2008
Alan Liubinas Treasurer, Committee 2008
Margaret Shilton Tutor 2008
Joyce Bromage Committee, Secretary, Office 2008
Eva Meredith Tutor, Committee, Office, Room Bookings 2009
John Besley President,Committee, Tutor 2009
Ailsa Miles Committee, Secretary, Office 2009
Val Pincus Committee, Social Secretary, Office, Group Leader 2010
Marguerite Grynberg Tutor 2011
Will Semler Tutor 2011
Margaret Ledley Tutor 2011
Ann Hewett Tutor 2011
George Boag Committee, tutor 2012
Blair Cramer Tutor 2012
Judy Eldred Tutor 2012
Christina Hill Tutor 2012
Juliette Zeelander Tutor 2013
Dorothy Davis Tutor 2013
Alma Kristensen Tutor 2014
Betty Caldwell Tutor 2015
Hilary Adair Tutor 2016
Helena Ling Admin, Committee 2016
Peter Salmon Tutor 2016
Jill Thompson Tutor, former President, founding member 2016
John Waldie Tutor 2017
Rom Jagielski Tutor 2017



Nomination Form-Life Membership.pdf199.66 KB