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Helen McCulloch

Tutoring in Literature
Helen has studied at the University of Tasmania, Monash University and the Sorbonne, Paris, specialising in French and English Literature, poetry and theatre.
She has taught in secondary schools, TAFE and Adult Education. She has taken part in the anti-war and gay liberation movements and is a member of the Greens.
Her interests include reading and writing, theatre and music, art, sculpture and ceramics, animal behaviour and animals in literature and art, ancient civilisations and Greek literature.
Helen has written on literature relating to medical experience, especially influenza and AIDS. She has written short stories, and has published book reviews in the gay press, and a study guide to Shakespeare's Othello.
Helen has lived in Australia and France, and has travelled in Europe and China. She loves a good conversation and exchange of ideas and knows from experience that the best teaching is with those who want to learn.