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Maureen McBride

Tutoring in:  Yoga
Yoga is my life force that guides and energizes my whole being. I teach Yoga from my heart and practice what I teach.
My profession and qualifications are in the Disability and Holistic fields, where I worked in outreach assisting people with disabilities to move out of their family home, support and assist them with their basic needs such as accessing the general community, doctors and helping them with shopping and budgeting.  I volunteered to teach those who showed interest in Yoga.
My qualifications in the Holistic field are an Advanced Reiki certificate in Usui System of Natural Healing, a certificate in Magnified Healing and a certificate in Thought Field Therapy Algorithm (body tapping treatment).
I stopped teaching Yoga when I applied for leave from the work force to start a family. I practiced Yoga daily and during my two pregnancies, right up the time of giving birth.
I studied the philosophy and practiced Yoga long before Yoga became popular in the West.  I joined the Gita School of Yoga in the early 1960's, where I studied the meaning and philosophy of Yoga. I gained recognition to teach Yoga, which I did in my local community. I studied and practiced in London where I lived for three years. When I returned to Melbourne, I studied the different schools of Yoga gaining experience in all aspects of Yoga. I searched for a teacher that had my philosophy, insight and energy. I could not find one. So I decided to become a Yoga teacher to teach Yoga from my heart.  I studied a two year course when I was in my fifties, and I gained a Diploma of Health Science. Four years later, I commenced a one year course in Classical Yoga gaining a Diploma in Classical Yoga.
When I retired from the workforce five years ago, I volunteered to teach Yoga to people with disabilities, all age groups, and for U3A.
Yoga is my life and my passion.