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Marea Symonds

Tutoring in: Numerology
Marea Symonds is a fully qualified and accredited professional astrologer who commenced her study of applied astrology,  Astro*Synthesis in the late 80's, completing the 3 year Diploma course (an in-depth program into the application of astrology from a psychological perspective) held at the Chiron Centre in Abbotsford, Melbourne in 1990.                            
Since the early 90's she has been running her own business, consulting and studying continually, completing many varied in-depth courses in psychology, gestalt and counseling (RMIT), as well as other branches of astrology.  In 1996, she started her serious study of Medieval astrological techniques with Robert Zoller and Bernadette Brady Certificate courses, (both top Astrologers living in the USA and UK), gaining her certificate in Medieval astrology, then later going on to receive the practitioner's Diploma of Visual Astrology and Fixed Stars.
Marea believes that astrology is a tool that she can use to understand herself,  relationships and life events and she is challenged to help people to identify and realise their own pathway throughout life.
In 1998, Marea and her late husband, created All Care Natural Therapies, a medical and natural therapies clinic, offering services to the public in Naturopathy, Psychology, Bowen Therapies, Counseling, Massage, Kinesiology, Physiotherapy, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  It was one of Melbourne's first natural therapy clinics, dedicated to bringing complementary and alternative medicine to people who wanted more than the  then usual traditional methods of healing.  Today, modern medicine has widened its scope to include a more holistic approach to health care, but in the 1990's it was still very new.
In the last few years, Marea has been a member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) successfully completing the Astrological Consulting Skills course in September 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona.