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Jonathan Melland

  Tutoring in: French Through Song

A new-born in the Blitz, Jonathan grew up in England and Kenya.  His education, which focused on Latin and Ancient Greek with French also in the mix, led to an Oxford MA. He represented his school and university and Kenya at rifle shooting. He taught Latin, French and English for a decade or so - the last 7 years at Melbourne Grammar, having come to Australia in 1964.  He then spent the rest of his working life in the computer industry – latterly in IT audit at BHP and Coles Myer.

In 1977 Jonathan was a founder member of the Australian Democrats, which took up much of his spare time for the next 20 years or so, though he has also studied Japanese and dabbled in other languages.  He has sung in choirs off and on since school, and currently leads the bass section in the Victoria Welsh Choir. He sometimes rings church bells, strums a guitar or blows a recorder.  He has four siblings in three continents, is married and has two daughters and two grandchildren. He retired in 2003.