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Jenny Tan

Tutoring in:  Cooking
I am a recently retired Legal Executive, having worked in the legal industry for 40 plus years.
With retirement, I am now able to focus on things I like to do, which includes cooking and knitting.
When I was growing up in Singapore, mum was a seamtress and did not have time to cook.  I was sent down the street to buy take aways.  I was going from stall to stall buying meals and I watched how each meal was cooked.  The street hawkers were actually my teachers.
Having migrated to Australia in the early eighties, there were very few eateries selling Singapore hawker food.  If they did, they are costly and it was a monthly treat for friends and I to go to Camberwell to have a bowl of prawn noodle soup or to go to Box Hill for a bowl of pho.  Asian ingredients were hard to obtain and expensive.
So I started making dishes from scratch.  The popular ones were laksa, prawn noodle soup, mee siam for my friends.  I was my friends’, best friend.
Fortunately, Melbourne’s food scene had changed since the 80s.  We have food from all corners of the world.  There are also many food courts selling cheaper meals.   Some are good and some are really bad.  Also, Asian ingredients are in abundance, sauces and pastes are readily available and reasonably priced.
Nowadays, if I want a laksa, I will go and buy a packet of laksa paste and with modification to my taste, wow lah, I have laksa enough to feed four.  
My interest now has grown beyond Singapore street food  and with the aid of social media like facebook and youtube, I am able to learn to create more dishes.
With this course, I hope to show how food can be easily made without all the fuss and it’s a cheaper alternative than to buy take aways or from the supermarket.
I hope you will enjoy the course.