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Graeme Johanson

Tutoring in:  Curiosity and Knowledge
Curiosity drives many of our actions and thoughts. It stimulates. It does not take a genius to realise that knowledge is power. For 41 years Graeme Johanson has taught students about how to channel curiosity, how to make the most of the creation, management, and uses of knowledge. Knowledge is both a resource and a product of our times of widespread information and communications technologies. The technologies pervade every aspect of our lives, and are worth understanding well. They will only grow in influence. The social issues which they present (like ‘fake news’) challenge our attitudes, activities and communities.
Graeme has enjoyed plotting changes in enquiry and knowledge for a long time. He began his professional life as a researcher, then worked for a decade as a librarian, then taught at universities. He still supervises student projects which make practical use of abstract ideas.
Enquiry should be enjoyable. It does not matter whether a person is simply keen to know a single fact, or has a lifelong hobby about a special topic, or plans to have new experiences. Everyone wants to know how to answer basic or thorny questions that arise directly from their observation and from daily life.