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Debbie Hay

Tutoring in:  Yoga
Yoga has been part of Debbie's life since she went to her first class when she was 18.  Wherever she was in the world she would seach out a Yoga class & went to a class once a week until she settled in Fremantle and got serious about her Yoga journey. She started relief teaching & realised that she needed to complete a Yoga Teachers training course which she did in 1995.  She then did a more thorough one years training in 2000 with Friends in Yoga in Fremantle.  Debbie was so inspired that she taught on the course for 2 years. She then taught Yoga for over 25 years in Fremantle.  Debbie has been living in Melbourne now for 4 years & came here specifically to be near & support her daughter & her family with looking after her Grandchildren.
Debbie follows a Yogic path by doing her own practice nearly every day and has found many benefits have influenced her life like being in the present moment to be in tune with her body, increased awareness of her breathing and stretching and strengthening which helps with alignment and posture.  Debbie also feels that she is a happier and calmer person having the wonderful mindfullness that Yoga has bought into her life.
Debbie would like to share her knowledge and love of Yoga with others from U3A and to help them to be aware of their bodies and to support them in a warm and caring Yoga class.