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Alfred Poulos

Tutoring in:  Making Better Food Choices
Professor Alfred Poulos has a PhD from London University and a law degree from Adelaide University. The latter University awarded him a professorship for his research into genetic diseases, fats and fat metabolism. He has worked in universities, hospitals, and research institutes in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the USA. His most recent appointment was as a Chief Medical Scientist at the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia, a position he held for many years.
While Professor Poulos’ medical and scientific research has been wide and varied, it has chiefly focused on the role fats play in health and disease.  His recent interests are in nutrition, and in the chemical pollutants present in our food, water and the environment. This interest led to his publication of “The Silent Threat”, a book that provides consumers with information on the source of many of these chemicals as well as their possible effects on our health. He has published a number of small books for consumers on topics as varied as organic food, vegetarian food, fish oils, olive oil, milk and dairy and seafood.